Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The Most Amazing Place in Umbria


       Sometimes words really aren't necessary. In the case of the Gran Piano near Castelluccio during flower season, all you need to know from me is how to get there. 
      Drive 28 km. from Norcia, up and up and up into the Sibillini Mountains, about 5,000 ft. Come around that last curve, slam on your brakes, grab your camera, and marvel at the astonishing view of this vast high plain, surrounded by velvet green mountains, filled with wild flowers as far as the eye can see.
                                          Drive down across the plain. . .


Get out of your car and wander. . .

Visit the town of Castelluccio


     This is all you need to know. The spring flower festival happens in June, but the Gran Piano is beautiful anytime. In fall and winter, you might encounter cross country skiiers or hikers coming down from the trails in the national park for lunch in Castelluccio where the lentils are legendary; in summer you will see green mountains with that seem to have giant mossy patches -- look closer and you'll see they are forests. 

      Buon viaggio.
copyright Sharri Whiting 2011

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